Preparing CMMI level 2 Certification for Development of Better Products and Services

CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration) is a process improvement maturity model for the development of products and services. It consists of best practices that the development and maintenance activities that cover the product life cycle from conception through delivery and addressing maintenance. The purpose of CMMI is to help organizations improve their development and maintenance processes for both products and services.

CMMI level 2 Certification, CMMI level 2 ConsultantAchieving this goal presented a great challenge, because the market demands a predictable product with high quality, at competitive costs. This important factor of competitive differentiation was needed for several reasons, but the most important was that the implementation of a quality model should not interfere with business realities. So at the end there is need to design a rapid solution and this solution named as CMMI level 2 Certification which achieves the desired process without losing the flexibility in production for the methodology for project management.

After the general plan, the next step was to delve demanded by the practice of the model and the interpretation of the requirements. This was a thorough, time-consuming but very rewarding experience, where the trial team worked with consultants and business leaders, who are the experts in the affairs of the company and the project, each of them along with their specific experience of their project. Once analyzed and a complete picture of model having obtained, the next step was to determine the differences between the current situation of the company and what the model demanded. To complement this strategy GAP analysis was performed to determine what CMMI Level 2 requirements already satisfied with the methods previously executed form ISO 9001 using methodology. The team began the process of development planning and implementation of the solution. The solution must be adapted to the needs of business, without interfering with the daily activities of the projects.

CMMI level 2 Certification is providing solutions for a wide diversity of clients, and a wide variety of projects. This implied that there were two possible scenarios with respect to the model demands as follows:-

  • Processes are defined by the customer
  • Processes are defined in conjunction with the customer

The last phase of the project was the assessment of the model by an external body to ensure that the processes and projects of the organization were in line with the expectations of the CMMI Level 2 model.

The assessment process includes the completion of a Readiness Review which aims to determine whether the organization is ready for an On Site Assessment, which is facing the final and formal presentation. The On Site lasted two weeks, and the team was composed of people, company employees, were members of other companies, and the Lead Appraiser, who lead the evaluation.


List of CMMI Level 2 Procedures for Quick Documentation

The CMMI level 2 Procedures are one of basic requirements for documentation designed for establishes system for CMMI level 2 certification. The procedures for CMMI level 2 are a set of step by step instruction that explain how to perform management processes. Many readymade procedures templates offered by leading CMMI consultants are available online these days, which can be helpful of implementing of effective practices in IT companies with CMMI maturity level 2. Global Certification Consultancy has designed to CMMI level 2 Procedures that cover all specific practices area with list of 26 different CMMI level 2 procedures in 4 parts as required during process of maturity level 2 of CMMI.

Check out the list of CMMI level 2 procedures as follows:

  • Engineering Procedures

o Procedure for Requirements Development
o Procedure for Peer Review
o Procedure for Acceptance
o Procedure for Delivery & Installation

  • Organization Process Management Procedures

o Procedure for Organizational Process Planning
o Procedure for Process Asset Library
o Procedure for Training

  • Project Management Procedures

o Procedure for Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
o Procedure for Estimating and Planning
o Procedure for Risk Management
o Procedure for Data Management
o Procedure for Requirements Management
o Procedure for Project Status and Monitoring and Control
o Procedure for Supplier Agreement Management

  • Support Activities Handbook Procedures

o Procedure for Measurement
o Program
o Procedure for QA Planning
o Procedure for QA Work Product Audits
o Procedure for QA Process Audit
o Procedure for Non-conformance Handling
o Procedure for Configuration
o Management Planning
o Procedure for Configuration Control
o Procedure for Change Request
o Procedure for Status Accounting
o Procedure for Configuration Audits

What is CMMI Maturity Level 1 to 5

Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) could be a method improvement model, or framework, designed for corporations or a district of a corporation. Corporations typically use CMMI to boost their information technology and software development effectiveness. The CMMI software development model is designed around 5 levels of maturity.cmmi maturity level

CMMI Level 1 – Initial

CMMI Level 1, the initial maturity level, is that the starting purpose for several corporations. Level one is that the least mature level of the method model. It’s typically characterized as useful however haphazard and unstructured. At this maturity level, results aren’t repeatable and restricted documentation and few processes area unit in situ. Management and staff perform during a reactive mode and area unit seldom proactive.

CMMI Level 2 -Managed

CMMI Level 2 is that the managed level. At this maturity level, project management, project watching and necessities management processes area unit in situ. The corporate institute’s configuration management and quality assurance programs to regulate and live. The corporate or division is moving from a reactive to a proactive stance.

CMMI Level 3 – Defined

CMMI Level 3 is that the outlined level. At this maturity level, risk management could be a method space that a corporation introduces to avoid or mitigate unhealthy outcomes. Validation and verification processes area unit operational, making certain the right product area unit engineered. The corporate or organization has shifted to a proactive stance with token reactive actions.

CMMI Level 4 – Quantitatively Managed

CMMI Level 4 indicates a corporation that’s terribly mature and operates entirely during a proactive manner. 2 extra method area unites at this level are structure method performance and quantitative project management. At this maturity level, the company’s management of comes and processes area unit supported metrics, baselines and knowledge. Characteristics of A level four company embody structured and organized selections.

CMMI Level 5 – Optimizing

CMMI Level 5 is that the optimizing level, that few organizations succeed. The stress of this level is optimization of processes. 2 key area unites of concentration are structure innovation and readying and causative analysis and backbone. Causative analysis needs the corporate to review every incident that doesn’t meet preset success criteria to see the foundation reason for failure and to stop a reoccurrence. The corporate assumes proactive operations at this level, concentrating on up processes.

Download free sample CMMI level 2 documents and CMMI level 3 documents