List of CMMI Level 2 Procedures for Quick Documentation

The CMMI level 2 Procedures are one of basic requirements for documentation designed for establishes system for CMMI level 2 certification. The procedures for CMMI level 2 are a set of step by step instruction that explain how to perform management processes. Many readymade procedures templates offered by leading CMMI consultants are available online these days, which can be helpful of implementing of effective practices in IT companies with CMMI maturity level 2. Global Certification Consultancy has designed to CMMI level 2 Procedures that cover all specific practices area with list of 26 different CMMI level 2 procedures in 4 parts as required during process of maturity level 2 of CMMI.

Check out the list of CMMI level 2 procedures as follows:

  • Engineering Procedures

o Procedure for Requirements Development
o Procedure for Peer Review
o Procedure for Acceptance
o Procedure for Delivery & Installation

  • Organization Process Management Procedures

o Procedure for Organizational Process Planning
o Procedure for Process Asset Library
o Procedure for Training

  • Project Management Procedures

o Procedure for Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
o Procedure for Estimating and Planning
o Procedure for Risk Management
o Procedure for Data Management
o Procedure for Requirements Management
o Procedure for Project Status and Monitoring and Control
o Procedure for Supplier Agreement Management

  • Support Activities Handbook Procedures

o Procedure for Measurement
o Program
o Procedure for QA Planning
o Procedure for QA Work Product Audits
o Procedure for QA Process Audit
o Procedure for Non-conformance Handling
o Procedure for Configuration
o Management Planning
o Procedure for Configuration Control
o Procedure for Change Request
o Procedure for Status Accounting
o Procedure for Configuration Audits


Why CMMI Doesn’t Useful for Product Manufacturing Organizations

Product manufacturing organizations don’t concern with certifying themselves at a CMMI level. Here’s why:

A high CMMI level rating, whereas it decreases risk, additionally has overhead that increases prices. Product organizations manage risk otherwise than enclosed IT search or an IT outsourcing firm. These corporations arrange for failure by corporal punishment multiple choices – build internally or acquire. Competition from startups and different web corporations is fierce. Time to promote is important. Perusing a CMMI level that will add any prices to development isn’t acceptable.

For associate IT outsourcing firm it makes excellent sense to take a position in an exceedingly high CMMI-level rating. After all, they’re merchandising quite simply software package. They’re merchandising a service and a part of that service is certainty. Their customers don’t need to require risks, and are willing to buy certainty. Associate IT outsourcing firm passes on the prices of the overhead related to the danger reduction. In contrast to a product organization, failure carries indemnity related to an unsuccessful contract.

The thought of company-wide method definition is kind of completely different then the pursuit of CMMI certification. CMMI doesn’t tell you ways to achieve grade of certification, it simply tells you what you would like to realize the specified level. Management will do an equivalent, articulate what the organization values and let the individual groups work out however they will be achieved. There’s top management will do to articulate organization desires — like minimum performance criteria, security standards or legal compliance.

In the note to the corporate that was requesting standards on formal estimation strategies and evaluations, they would raise their team to articulate the desires of the organization and challenge groups to seek out ways that to satisfy those requirements. Specifying however every team can operate is also comforting for the management team however can simply be associate illusion of management.

CMMI Assessment & QMS Certification

Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) could be a method improvement system for businesses. The International Standards Organization creates engineering, producing and quality standards. CMMI isn’t a particular engineering or quality system however is often wont to come through ISO standards.

QMS 9001 Certification

The QMS 9001 is that the ISO standard for a top quality management system. The standard management system should embrace process-based quality management, document and maintain the standard processes, and request to enhance the standard management system. For a corporation to earn QMS 9001 certification, An QMS 9001 Certification Body should audit and approve the company’s enforced quality management systems.

CMMI Certification

The CMMI certification could be a needed a part of the national IT bid method in European nation as of 2011 and different nations are considering adopting CMMI certification into its processes furthermore. A licensed code engineering institute, SEI skilled or a third-party SEI business firm will perform a CMMI assessment.

Complementary Approaches

ISO specifies required quality standards, like acceptable defect levels once components square measure sampled. CMMI identifies best practices that organizations use to satisfy ISO quality standards. Organizations will hold each QMS 9001 and CMMI certifications; however neither certification could be a requirement for the opposite.