CMMI Level 3

On level three, the process used in an organization is standardized and documented. The organization uses effective management as well as effective software engineering practices, and software engineering and management processes are integrated. The process is characterized and fairly well understood. Organizations on this level have formed dedicated Process Group that takes care of all the process-related activities, i.e. process definition, adaptation and development. Furthermore, such an organization provides a training program about the process so that everybody can acquire the knowledge and skills required to fulfill the roles the process assigns to them. The standard process of an organization can be tailored to the unique characteristics of a project, and the result of this adaption is called the project’s defined software process. 

Requirements of CMMI Level 3

  • Organization Process Focus
  • Organization Process Definition
  • Training Program
  • Integrated Software Management
  • Software Product Engineering
  • Intergroup Coordination
  • Peer Reviews 

What to Includes CMMI Level 3 Documents

CMMI Level 3 documents are very popular in Information technology for Software development as well as service sector. This documents standard requirements of related to generic goals and specific goals. The CMMI Level 3 documents are very helpful of educate management, employees, vendors or other groups to improve the processes.

  • Sample CMMI policy Manual
  • CMMI Process Document
  • Procedures Book
  • Guideline documents
  • Coding standards
  • Set of sample formats and templates
  • QA audit checklist
  • CMMI interview affirmation questions. 

For more detail about CMMI 2 Documentation Click Here


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