CMMI Level 2

CMMI Level 2 refers to an organization in which a good performance is repeatable. A project management system is in place, and planning and management of new projects is based on experience with similar earlier ones. Successful practices from those earlier projects can be repeated. Such an organization has established policies for managing a software project and procedures to implement those policies, i.e. effective management processes for software projects are institutionalized. Key process areas of this level are management activities like requirements management, project planning, project tracking and oversight, quality assurance, and configuration management.

Requirements of CMMI Level 2

  • Requirements Management
  • Software Project Planning
  • Software Project Tracking and Oversight
  • Software Subcontract Management
  • Software Quality Assurance
  • Software Configuration Management

CMMI Level 2 Certification Documentation

CMMI Level 2 documents designed and devolved CMMI maturity model in various software, IT organizations by our expert CMMI consultant team. These documents are most popular in software and IT services organization all over the world. This CMMI Level Two documents preparing uncomplicated modification features and compatible with clause-wise requirements of CMMI maturity models.

What to Includes CMMI Level 2 Documents

  • CMMI policy manual
  • Process flow chart for maturity level 2
  • CMMI Procedures for effective implementation of CMMI level 2 applicable 7 process areas.
  • Guideline documents
  • Coding standards for CMMI Level 2
  • Set of sample formats and sample CMMI templates
  • CMMI audit checklist for level 2
  • CMMI interview affirmation questions

For more detail about CMMI 2 Documentation Click Here


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